WWI Excerpts That Inspired THE TOWER

The Tower was inspired by, and draws heavily from, a great many fantastic books about World War I. Here are some piquant excerpts:

Rats and Bully Beef

I Salute the Artillery

Austria Declares War

Franz Ferdinand Must Die

Battle Account by Captain Ivar Campbell

Vincenzo D'Aquila Receives Extreme Unction


Chlorodyne at Kut al-Amara

Broken Faces

Prostitutes at Maxim's

Paolo Monelli Advances Through Gunfire

Alfred Pollard Receives the Victoria Cross

Two Deserters Executed

Andrei Lobanov-Rostovsky Halts A Mutiny

Diverse Divisions and Communication Failures

Melancholy Singing at the Train Station

Elfriede Watches the Regiment Leave

Elfriede Comes of Age

The Great Retreat of 1914

Paris Fortified and Eiffel Tower Prepared for Destruction

Casualties as of Late 1914

The Front Stretches 400 Miles

Six Hundred Thousand French War Widows

Advancing at Third Ypres


Wet Flanders

Corpses Tell the Tale

Forever in Trenches

Ridiculous Proximity

You Could Hear the Guns in England

The War Will Last Forever


Larks and Nightingales

First Day of War

Ernst Jünger Gets Shelled

Teeth Chattering

Fraternizing With the Enemy

Nocturnal Prowling

Approaching a Battlefield

The Front Line at Guillemont

Hit By A Shell Fragment

Plan Versus Reality

Company Decimated by a Shell

German Drumfire

Kaiser Wilhelm Speech from the Balcony of the Royal Palace, Berlin on July 31, 1914

Kaiser Wilhelm Speech from the Balcony of the Royal Palace, Berlin on August 1, 1914

Kaiser Wilhelm II Speed to the Guards at Potsdam, August 18, 1914

Unspeakable, Godless, Hopeless

The Rats' Greatest Feat

Horrid Smell

We grabbed the limbs

The death of Jégoud

Between Poperinghe and Ypres


There is a crocodile crawling into our lines!