now that you're a refugee
you drag your family through the cold
maybe now you'll finally see
you should have done what you were told

too bad the lesson was not learned
while the fires of louvain glowed
and now more cities must be burned

until you see you're just a road
just a road

scanning the horizon
fear in your eyes
church bells and sirens
echo to the skies

everyone's a sniper
a rebel or a spy
murdering our wounded
gouging out our eyes

terror is the way
to make a shorter war
short sharp decisive
belgium is our whore

kein stein auf einander

we're a warning to the world
we are hell's brigade
make no mistake
it's time to be afraid

everyone in town
is going to be shot
burn the whole thing down
execute the lot

bayonet the children
hang their fathers high
rape and kill the women
everyone must die

not one soul in visé
not one bird to sing
not one single roof
not one living thing

empty blackened houses
open to the sky
kein stein auf einander
everyone must die