Over the Top

it all let loose at once
tearing across the sky
the dawn explodes
in miles of flame

over the bags
past the pickets
run hell for leather
off the end of the world

i was there
when tommy got pipped
took a bullet to his jaw
kept going til he dropped

face trod in the muck
he sank and drowned
hell's not fire it's mud

the whole earth heaves
we're coming thru your wire
we're terror in the storm of steel
and in our eyes that awful fire


my senses charred
my reality blurred
gotta hit the canteen
gotta steady the nerves

don't crack up
don't stop for anything
no such thing as sin here
no law but us

it's not party conversation
we're too ashamed to tell
dreams that drip with murder
everybody gone berserk

men cut down
like grass by a scythe
a world of noise for hours

swarming like ants from a hive
i've never felt so alive
bringing murder at the point of a knife

we are the state
they give us a medal for fucking your skull
no doubts no questions no fucking fear
our ape brains roll back a million years

i'll gouge your fucking eyes out
empty all your blood
into the thirsty soil