Le Claque

i've lived three thousand years this summer
i'm nine parts dead

wanta spend six bucks?

i feel a deadly fascination
mesmerized by the ruin
petrified in mid-collapse
my mistress is the war

two for the bed
four for the girl

her wild strange poem
crawled in my soul
once you have lain her arms
she cannot be denied

burning up your mind
burnin' out your eyes

she laughs and she pounces
her radiances countless
perfect like morphine and cocaine
a god-sent whore to suck out all the pain


i wanta jump into the madness of the sun
jump into the hot gold arms
stare into the hot gold eyes
explode into the fury of the frenzy of the goddess of the sun

pour qui tu te prends?

i wanta come on a dead juliette

pour qui tu te prends?