Crawl in the Bottle

i've seen a flock of moons
i've been too free with the creature
i sold my senses
i've been in the sun
i got a thump on the head with sampson's jawbone
i'm disguised
i fear no man

in a ditch again
everybody's accursed
each year more brutal
and no dignity anywhere on the earth

been to jericho
the old plagues endure
there's no hereafter
and everything in the world is trying to eat us alive

crawl in the bottle
reach for the end
crawl in a bottle and laugh the pain away

women in your eye
death on your shoulder
let's get destroyed
let's get a bottle and crawl in and drown

an endless rotgut ocean
a brilliant black inferno

and i am just a wave
until i crash dead on the shore

crawl in the bottle
dive for the deep
i'm just a wave until i crash